Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Coffee Shop Office is losing its froth

Let's face it, it may be cool and hip to be mobile and work in a coffee shop, but meeting clients and trying to have a meaningful conversation is difficult to say the least.

And not to mention dangerous for your business. This is New Orleans after all; we are all 1-2 degrees of separation from each other. The odds are pretty good that someone in that coffee shop is in your industry or knows someone who is.

Not that anyone would eaves drop on your private conversation intentionally, but they can't help but overhear you when you are sitting 24" away from them.

Can your afford an Office or a Coffee Shop

And its hard to be open and speak freely to a client when you know you are on stage for the entire shop to see and hear. This "holding back" could be dangerous for you professionally by restraining your body language and altering your voice inflection.

While the stigma of meeting in a coffee shop may have diminished in most business circles, it still is in the back of the mind of either you or your client.

But one would argue that the cost, basically the cost of a cup of coffee, out weighs by far the expense of maintaining an office.  Even an executive office, which are promoted as being an inexpensive alternative to the home office and coffee shop, is not really "inexpensive" to most professionals and freelancers.

Read:   Can your afford an Office or a Coffee Shop

For some the atmosphere and smell of coffee works, for others it doesn't.  But it is still a nice Friday get away though.
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