Friday, June 10, 2016

Best Cover Version Commercial

This video is the best re-purposed, cover version commercial or what ever advertising term you wish to use.  While its not uncommon to use pop songs and catchy jingles in ads, this one has something different.  And this is not an endorsement, not even sure which car it is.

I personally like the video, the full length video, not the 30 sec. commercial.  It was very well done, the lighting, the design, the way they come together at the beginning.   It has a coolness and style, a sexiness to it.  Very cool, hip, sexy and very bad ass in an understated and sophisticated way. And of course the song is a classic. The arrangement just added more depth to it. The intensity of Sharon Jones matches the intensity and groove of the musicians.

Felt it was good enough to at least make these comments about it, there ya go.