Monday, October 6, 2008

Congress Change Confusion

What does the outcome of the 2nd Congressional district race mean? It's very confusing. Does the fact that an unknown candidate made the run off with the incumbent mean that we want change, something different. Wow, how did she do it? That is great, a new face emerges among a pack of old school New Orleans politicians. Have we finally voted for a non-connected and entrenched representative? Looks like it.

But wait, she didn't win. In fact, the incumbent, the epitome of the old guard of Louisiana politics, came out on top. And without money, TV ads or debating.

So did we get change? How did this happen, or more importantly, what the heck happened?

I first thought that the new comer would not stand a chance in a crowded field of experienced and qualified candidates. But looking back, they were all the same person. So she really was running against just 1 entrenched New Orleans politician. There was nothing to set them apart from each other.

Now we will see if the citizens of the all encompassing 2nd congressional district want change. We are in an era of instant judgements based on news clips and sound bites. Will that hurt the incumbent? It hasn't so far.

The sad fact is that New Orleans and surrounding areas, do not base their vote on change. The reasoning behind our voting decisions are not based on facts, experience, qualification or ability. Look at the mayors race. The outcome shocked the world. If we ever needed change, that was the time, however, what were our options? The option was a step backwards to an entrenched Louisiana politician. We passed on change. We could have had anyone else besides the incumbent and political family royalty. But we didn't. We could have had a choice of very smart people to lead us, but we didn't. We could have shown the world that we want change, but we didn't. We could have chosen not to be embarrassed, but we didn't. We could have proved to the country that we are not a joke, but we didn't.

Here is another chance at change. What will we do?