Thursday, June 28, 2012

New sounds of today influnced by the past

Liquid Peace Revolution details their influnces and their new sound. Its more than music, its a revolution.
Great band, with a great sense of humor and a driving desire to bring their sound and message to global audience.  And the sound?   It's called ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!

Is it time to buy foreclosed properties?

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How small is New Orleans?: An on air shocker

Kyle and Evan are surprised by a past gig.   And William is a dangerous man.
Hear how the band stays motivated and how they are building a larger audience and their global plans for the future.
See Liquid Peace Revolution, Saturday night, June 30, House of Blues

What will technology replace next?

Oh yeah, we are talking tech. If the internet and technology is replacing traditional industries, which one is next? This is not a new topic, but yet we are suprised when it actually affects us, like losing our daily newspaper.

Hear local technology professionals discuss trends in VOIP, data services and disaster planning.

Woody Valls-RingStreet- 504-905-2351

Clayton Mouney - F1 Solutions -

Which businesses are affected by technology?

Remote employees, telecommuting, cloud computing, all affect your real estate needs and other core cost. Which businesses are being affected??? Duh, guess

Hear local technology professionals discuss trends in VOIP, data services and disaster planning.

Woody Valls-RingStreet- 504-905-2351
Clayton Mouney - F1 Solutions -

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supper and Substance

Jason Angelette discusses the Willwoods Community and the Supper and Substance event on July 20, 2012.  For more info or tickets go to or call Jason at 830-3716

The Start Up of Peace of Cake

The start up story of the band told by the members. Great story of how this band affected one couple who had not danced in years, great story, its a must hear.

Music and Marriage Therapy

Peace of Cake members, Lindsey Piatolly, Ronnie Richoux, Patrick Rosenow discuss their music. Ellen Rosenow sings Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

Willwoods Community was started by a small group of couples in 1978 as a way to give back, 30 years later it is a vibrant and successful non-profit doing its part to Flip This City.

Some marriage therapy took place on the show, intentionally?? suconsciously??? hmmm?

Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Keeping 8 people focused....its possible. NO playing by ear!

Upcoming shows for Peace of Cake
St. Joseph Abbey - June 23, 2012
St. Dominics 2nd Annual Supper and Substance - August 25, 2012
Fleur-De-Fall, Mary Queen of Peace - November 10, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fulton Street - a little something the 1984 worlds fair left behind

Fulton Street has finally come into its own and the economic development predicted has finally happened. But, since 1902, one business has always called Fulton Street home. Hear how one entrepreneur took the risk on Fulton Street before any one else and how it is paying off.

Turning the Convention Center on its side

The New Orleans Convention Center is the largest continual convention center in the US. It is also the longest. Hear how the redesign and construction already underway is changing how the center is viewed from the Poydras Street side. The warehouse look is going away and being replaced with a new entrance that will change the preception of the convention center for large convetions yet to come. Board member Jim Besselman discusses the changes and shares some entrepreneurial insight from his own experiences.

Young artist on her second fund raising album

Most musicians, song writers and vocal artist dream of making that first album. One young local singer/songwriter has not only reached that goal, she is on to her second album, but with a twist. Her albums are rasing money for causes that are near and dear to her. Hear her story of how she took a desire to help out after a major castastrophe and began this journey which is now helping out another local cause that is special to her, pediatric brain cancer. Oh, forgot to mention one thing........she is in 6th grade.

to buy CD email

The Cure Starts Now LA website

Local film maker making it happen

John Dean Alphone describes the difference between funding a film and buying a car, the cost are less to buy the car, but the reward is greater by making the film.