Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOLA Indie Film Makers making the film fest rounds

Everyone by now is aware of the film industry in New Orleans.  We see the sets, road closures and of course, we see the actual product...on screen and on our TV sets.  It's a great thing.

But what we don't see is the small independent film makers toiling away at a script or story line, and then producing a film or web series, usually on a micro-budget.  Well not usually, absolutely on a micro-thin budget.  Not a shoe-string budget, a dental-floss-thin budget. 

Against all odds, these small independent "film-prenuers" create some amazing work.  And a group of local film makers are doing just that.  The film is Trailer Park Jesus, produced by Backyard Shed Films, LLC, and it has been making the rounds on the national film fest scene.  TPJ has taken home quite a few awards in the process, from festivals ranging from Chicago, Nevada, Philly, Ohio, New York and many more.  Too many to list here, so check them out on their site. 

This spin off affect of the film industry needs more attention. Yes, we have film festivals here and across the region, but the interaction with a broader audience is what is lacking. Fortunately there are cinemas and screenings of these films, in fact today at 4:30 is the last day to see TPJ at the Chalmette Movies.  Show your support and go see a local indie film.

Ok, so we have some great local film-preneurs,(love that term), so what's the next step? Well as in any business or product launch, you keep plugging and get your product in front of as many people as possible.  We may be lacking in a major film distribution network here in the city, but one thing we are not lacking is talent.  Indie film making is as entrepreneurial as any other endeavor, and when you hit a wall and need to break through, you regroup, retool and relaunch.  That is my hope for all local film makers.

So do your part and check out TPJ.