Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember when ....... saying goodby to an old year and hello to a new one, meant putting away the christmas ornaments and trying out the annual resolutions during the beginning of the year (ok. the first day of the new year) , simply waiting around for mardi gras to start. Kids are back in school, you pack away some winter coats that were worn for our 2 or 3 "cold days" and the Saints were packing up the equiment into storage putting another "building year" behind them.

Well not any more, now this new year stretch is filled with something called The Playoffs. Here it is King's Day, the first day of mardi gras and we haven't even played our first play off game. Am I actually wishing for mardi gras to be late this year so that I am not distracted? Well, lets not get carried away.

It is refreshing to have a continuation of Saints football into the new year. Its good for the city, its good for the Gulf South region and its good for us, the people. We can now carry forward those good feelings we get from the holidays and the optimism of a new year. We are not starting the year off by putting a losing season behind us and forcing ourselves to keep our heads up and find hope in something else while we wait for mardi gras to start so we can party away those sad memories. We now carry that momenteum into the new year.

And nationally, when they start to talk about mardi gras and New Orleans, as they always do, its not just Burbon Street. They are now talking about another great export of the city and part of our culture, the champions we call the Saints. And with that conversation comes mention of the recovery, and from that comes a reference to the spirit of the people, us, the resilient, the proud, and yes, the Champions.

So, to recap this all starts with football season, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then, the Playoffs(possibly a little game called the Superbowl), then Mardi Gras, then French Quarter Fest, then Jazz Fest, and many other fests and events. But the summer seems to slow down a bit toward the end of August? Whats going on then? Oh yes, ...evacuation.