Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Joy!!!!!

It's Back!

That's right, the JOY Theater will once again shine bright on Canal Street.
The sign is up, the stage is being set, the seats are in, let the show begin!!

Listen to Sandie McNamara as she tells the story of how this theater is coming back as much much more than just a theater.  Also, listen to hear the star-studded line up that is set to play this historic venue.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

NOLABound is Bringing the Best Entrepreneurs to Town!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

NOLA Bound doesn't mean you are headed back home after a vacation.  NOLA Bound is a collaborative effort by local economic agencies to bring influential individuals to New Orleans next year during NOEW, New Orleans Entrepreneuer Week, to show them how and why New Orleans is the best and coolest place to start, relocate or expand a business.  Spearheaded by GNO, Inc, the group of 25 will visit various companies and business amenities that the city has to offer.  Curry Smith with GNO, Inc gives us the details of this unique opportunity to showcase the entrepreneuerial spirit of the city. 



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Krauss Konversion: How Canal Street is Changing

Turning It Back Around
Hear the developer of the former Krauss Building on Canal Street, Elie Khoury, talk about how former "end of Canal Street" is going through drastic changes and how he and others are working to Flip This City.

Friday, November 25, 2011

An Interview with the Founder of Sucre'

Awwww, Suga Suga

Get your sugar fix as we talk with the founder of Sucre' Joel Dondis about their plans to expand and introduce new products to the confectionary market.  They are already carried in grocery stores and have 2 locations in the area, but there is still more to come. 

And it didn't hurt matters that, yes, there were macaroons on hand for tasting during commercial breaks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Interview with New Orleans' first Angel Investment Group

Angels in the Outfield,
and in New Orleans

Does your company need help getting over the "start-up hump?"  Hear how angel investing with South Coast Angels is helping to build the entrepreneuerial community in New Orleans.

Mr. Clayton White shares his experience and insight that will open your eyes to the start-up world.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Crawfish Festival in....New Jersey??

Michael Arnone has exported one of New Orleans' greatest assets...."The Fest".... for the past 23 years... to New Jersey!

Hear about how our music, food, and overall culture makes its' way to the North East with the New Jersey Crawfish Festival, and how the guests reciprocate by coming down South.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belle Chasse Boom-Is it a good time to buy real estate?.....apparently it is!

Belle Chasse is the next undiscovered frontier in the expansion of the Greater New Orleans area.  This section of land, which forms part of "the English Turn" of the Mississippi River, has long played an important role in the development of the city and region.  Now with its low tax rates, and great schools, it has become a competitive alternative to the north shore and an option to live near the city and enjoy its benefits without the sacrifice of a major commute.

Great entrepreneur insight from one of the leading real estate developers in the region.
David Waltemath has a lengthy and successful resume of real estate projects, subdivisions and development.  He shares insight on how these projects came to be and presents the details of his latest project, The Parks of Plaquemines.
Listen Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woodward: Not just another office building

See and hear about new office building construction on Jeff Davis.  A new building adds to the life and vitality of this "center of the city" location.  It features cutting edge building systems and solar design.

No one cares about Zoning......unless its in my back yard!!!

Can you recite anything from the zoning code?  Do you know what the property located behind your is zoned?  Does it matter?  Not unless some decides to put a big box store behind your house.

Your property, neighborhood and community is affected by zoning.  Our guest Chip Leyens, former member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments lends his knowledge and experience to this very important topic.

Contact Chip directly if you have a legal or zoning issue to discuss. 
504.566.8628 or

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Short Sales, Bank-Owned, Foreclosures.......what does all of this mean to me?

How does the REO, bank-owned, and foreclosure market affect the current real estate market?
What is a "short sale"? 

Listen to two experts, Becky Fisher and Matt Carassco discuss how you can participate in and benefit from these types of properties.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Throwing your hat in the ring........Making a run for office.

If you have considered running for political office, listen to the stories of two candidates who have taken the risk of running for office.  Stephen Leonard is running for House of Representatives District 85.   Buddy Boe, in his early 20's ran for city council and parish president of St. John the Baptist Parish.

Hear how they took the huge step and leap of faith to make change happen.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coffee Talk...."talk amongst yourselves"

"Talk amongst yourselves".......Well, we did just that, we talked with Ryan Stansbury, Franchise Development Director for the famous New Orleans brand of PJ's Coffee and Tea and WOW Cafe' and Wingery.  While we did have some "coffee talk", the focus and discussion was about the franchise industry and how it has become a preferred method of starting a business.

Ryan is an experienced veteran of the franchise business and shared his professional insights on becoming a franchisee and how it all works.  This was a very informative and interesting topic.  Lear how this company as grown from 1 store in New Orleans to a national brand and how you can participate.   You can hear the entire interview here .

To talk with Ryan directly you can call him at 985-792-5776 x116 or go to for more details.

New Orleans Interior Design Show

Mike Zalaznick of the New Orleans Home & Garden show stopped by the studio to talk about this weekends New Orleans Interior Design show.  The show is filled with the latest designs and trends.  Several designers and artist will be exhibiting their works.  You can buy furniture that are unique one of a kind pieces of art.

Highlights include the Art Walk isle and the Shaggy Chic Pet Beds.  These "pet beds", which are works of art themselves made by local artist and craftsmen, are being auctioned off with proceeds benefiting area no-kill animal shelters.   You can hear the interview here
Its going to be a great show and just another reason to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.
For more details go to

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Traffic, Traffic Traffic

I know....traffic is not fun, especially in August, in New Orleans, and on General DeGaulle Drive.  However, this is changing.   No, not global cooling, but the traffic. 

Listen to the podcast now:

Road way and drainage improvements are underway on General DeGaulle to reduce traffic congestion and improve drainage allowing this main corridor to thrive as it was designed to do. 

While road construction is not always fun when its happening, the end result will be a wider, accessible and vibrant commercial thoroughfare that will improve the economy and overall outlook for Algiers and its residents. 

Also improvements to Brechtel Park and local roadways are increasing the desirability levels of some of the best kept secrets of Algiers.

Our guest talk about this and more.  Join us for our exciting discussions with Senator David Heitmeier and Theo Sanders, President of the Westbank Redevelopment Corporation as we discuss these changes and their impact on the surrounding community.  Airs Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 3:00.

Listen to the podcast now: 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is a Healing Center?

The New Orleans Healing Center is the latest project of developer Pres Kabacoff and partner, Sallie-ann Glassman.  Hear how Sallie-ann conceived the idea of bringing these services to the St. Claude community and how this project came together. 

These services and businesses are designed to bring healing, and revitalization to an under served and under utilized area of the city.  Listen to the broadcast and learn about exciting businesses such as the New Orleans Food Co-op, Cafe' Istanbul, Crossroads Arts Bazaar, Fatoush Restaurant, Coffee & Juice Bar, and many, many more.

This is one of the most unique real estate and business ventures in New Orleans.  Hear the guest talk about this project and its impact on the surrounding community and how it is Flipping This City.

Click Here for the podcast:

Join them for the Grand Opening this Sunday, August 28th from 10am-10pm.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Architect Developer Flipping the CBD

You have seen these buildings many times, driven past them, and will recognize them from their facades.  However, what was once there is no more.  They were offices, part of the economic fabric of New Orleans, home to businesses which made up the business engine of the CBD. 

Now they are part of a new fabric, nice 2000 thread count fabrics to be exact, which are going into new their new home, which are actually homes.  The conversion of these buildings to residential represents the continuation of a trend that has been underway for several years.  But these properties in particular demonstrate what the early developments predicted, which is the second generation of residential conversion of the New Orleans downtown. 

To witness this transformation is truly inspiring, and this interview will show you why.

Click the link above to hear the interview.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Manhattan Theory

If you are in commercial real estate sales, you have heard this more than once form an out of town real estate rep....."we are going to open 14 stores and we want our flag ship store to be at Veterans and Causeway". And the expectation is that we just make a phone call and owners will fall over themselves to sell us their property.

My response was always "Did you do that in Manhattan? Did you get the corner of 5th and E 59th St.?" Then I proceed with my rant about the island that we call New Orleans. If the island of Manhattan is surrounded by water and the real estate rates are in the stratosphere, then the same metrics would apply to New Orleans. And we ARE surrounded by water, lake to the north, river to the south, gulf to the east and the spillway/swamp to the west. This ain't Texas, you can't just move to the next interstate interchange(there are only 5 eastbound in Metairie, and they are all taken). You could go west on I-10, but you won't reach dry "develop-able" land until Gonzales.

Commercial real estate buyers(and some developers) not familiar with our pricing can not comprehend the values placed on local real estate. And this "value" is represented in many different ways. With some properties it represents a family and the heirs' birthright. It may not be producing a large return, but it may represent decent cash flow if you don't have a mortgage on it.

Or, with most families, the patriarch of the family may have one vision of the future of the property and the heirs another. These are easy to spot. If you see property that has not had a change in use, or updates, repairs, etc. and then one day its gone. Well, guess who inherited the property.

To fully understand the value of good real estate in a densely populated geographical area, such as Manhattan......... or New Orleans, you have to look at the basic fundamentals of commercial real estate investments. First, TIME. These are not flip properties. No one is going to sell for less so that someone can flip it to another buyer. The buyer will find the property and owner without any help. Therefore the cost needs to be analyzed over a longer hold period than the average investment. Look at most of the major properties on the island. Most have been here since the roads were built. Lakeside SC has gone through many changes, but its still there in the same spot, and will most likely be there through our grandchildren's children's life time at a minimum.

Second, current use vs. future value. Of course a snow ball stand on a valuable piece of real estate will not appraise for what the owner is asking, but that's not what they are selling. They are selling the future value of the site. This is the most difficult hurdle for buyers, and me, to understand. We realize that if you put a building on this site, its worth more, but you don't have a building, you have a snowball stand. And this goes back to the "no mortgage" seller motivation. Plus, do know what the mark up is for snowballs? They can afford to wait.

And waiting is usually the game that is played. If you want to be on St. Charles Ave., well, there is only one St. Charles Ave., so if you want to be there, you pay what is asked. Just like there is only one 5th Ave.

The similarities between Manhattan and New Orleans are not measured in square foot rates, but in demand for limited space.

© Mark Subervielle 8/12/11

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flip This City now on the air!

Flip This City has taken many twist and turns since its inception.  and now, its on the air.  The kick off show is Wednesday, August 17, 2011, at 3:00pm.  The show highlights individuals and companies who are making things happen.

Want to know who is doing what?
What companies are growing/expanding?
Who is starting up?
What is under construction?
Who is opening up in your neighborhood?

We will discuss this and more. Join us and help Flip This City.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember when ....... saying goodby to an old year and hello to a new one, meant putting away the christmas ornaments and trying out the annual resolutions during the beginning of the year (ok. the first day of the new year) , simply waiting around for mardi gras to start. Kids are back in school, you pack away some winter coats that were worn for our 2 or 3 "cold days" and the Saints were packing up the equiment into storage putting another "building year" behind them.

Well not any more, now this new year stretch is filled with something called The Playoffs. Here it is King's Day, the first day of mardi gras and we haven't even played our first play off game. Am I actually wishing for mardi gras to be late this year so that I am not distracted? Well, lets not get carried away.

It is refreshing to have a continuation of Saints football into the new year. Its good for the city, its good for the Gulf South region and its good for us, the people. We can now carry forward those good feelings we get from the holidays and the optimism of a new year. We are not starting the year off by putting a losing season behind us and forcing ourselves to keep our heads up and find hope in something else while we wait for mardi gras to start so we can party away those sad memories. We now carry that momenteum into the new year.

And nationally, when they start to talk about mardi gras and New Orleans, as they always do, its not just Burbon Street. They are now talking about another great export of the city and part of our culture, the champions we call the Saints. And with that conversation comes mention of the recovery, and from that comes a reference to the spirit of the people, us, the resilient, the proud, and yes, the Champions.

So, to recap this all starts with football season, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then, the Playoffs(possibly a little game called the Superbowl), then Mardi Gras, then French Quarter Fest, then Jazz Fest, and many other fests and events. But the summer seems to slow down a bit toward the end of August? Whats going on then? Oh yes, ...evacuation.