Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Don't have enough time" to improve your life? How to add 2-3 weeks of additional work time per year

So you haven't moved forward on that business idea, or that book or that chore that would dramatically change your life or environment?  We all have something that if we simply would "just do it", we know that it would change everything!  

And it’s that simple, right?  Cleaning out the pantry or cabinets and purging your closets would make your home life better.  Writing that first draft of your book, play, script or song would launch you into the world of entertainment.  Contacting that big client would alter the trajectory of your careers.  Building a prototype of your product idea that will make you a millionaire. 

But who has that kind of time?   What are you to do.....take two weeks off just to do this stuff?

Well, actually we all have 2 weeks of time to change our lives.  And it’s not rocket science or some new discovery.  The secret is a small tweak to the application of your main resource: time.  

"Consistently spend small amounts of time on your goals"

If you have a M-F job, this applies to you.  If you work nights and weekends, or have a shift type of schedule, not only does this apply to you, but you have a great and distinct advantage on the 9-5ers.(read on)

Here is the basic formula:

52 weekends in a year

104 weekend days in a year

1-hour per weekend day = 104 hours per year

104 hours per year ÷ 40 hour work week = 2.6 weeks per year

You are thinking, OK, great, work weekends?  That's the solution?     If anyone has perfected the art of relaxing in their spare time, it’s me.   My favorite spot in the world is not some beach or mountain chalet, it’s my couch.  And I have mastered every remote control I have every owned.  I can operate them blind folded with one hand tied behind my back.(yes, I have tried that)

But the reality is that we do have lots of spare time.  77.4% of our year is ours based on a 40 hour work week.  And that spare time should be put to good use.  Every successful entrepreneur, business person, sales person or someone who has made a drastic change in their lives, that I have personally met, have all told me the same thing:  apply your time to a useful and productive goal or purpose.

So let’s break down this 2-3 extra weeks of time that EVERYONE has.  For example:

Saturday AM:  
-While the coffee is brewing-gather materials, do research, make calls, etc.
-Plan your day, week, month year
-Draft outlines, sketch drawings, email, read, write
-Start prototype

Sunday AM:
-Continue/Follow up Saturday's work
-Plan for next weekend
-Visit vendors, competitors, resources
-Test ideas, products

Come Monday, you have only spent 2 hours of your time, but are light years ahead of where you were on Friday.    If health or personal change is your goal, the same applies:  you are now ahead of the game.

I also like the fact that you are also 2 hours, technically 2 days, ahead of your competition.  Sales people can really benefit by preparing their strategy and goals for the upcoming week. The over whelming majority of your sales competitors are not doing this.  Calling prospects on the weekend is the ultimate "follow up" call.  Whether you reach them or leave a message, it’s easy to say "sorry to call on the weekend, can I call you next week?". The answer is almost always "yes".

As for improving your health, one hour, one small tweak, can drastically change your life.  We all know this, but think about this in a 60 minute time frame.  

Within in 60 minutes you can do the following:

Purchase healthy food-just one or two items
Purge your home of all bad foods-toss just one item each day
10-20 minutes of exercise, walk, jog, aerobics, weights, etc(you don't need a gym)

Now, if you feel that you will use your 2 hours per weekend to make improvements, or you already are using your spare time wisely, 

Here is another formula that will add even more time:

Add 30 minutes to each weekend day:   30 mins x 2 days = 1 hour

1 hour x 52 weekends = 52 hours per year

52 hours ÷ 40 hour work week = 1.3 EXTRA weeks per year

Now add even more time:

Each Weekday(M-F) add 30 mins:  30 mins x 5 days = 2.5 hours per week

2.5 hours per week x 52 weeks = 130 hours per year

130 hours ÷ 40 hour work week = 3.25 EXTRA weeks per year

Let's add up the time you have just been given:

2 Hour Weekends:                2.6 Weeks per Year
Extra 30 Min/Weekend:       1.3 Weeks per Year
Extra 30 Min/Weekday        3.25 Weeks per Year


7.15 Weeks Per Year!!!!!

That is 1.78 Months Per Year!!!!

If your excuse for not moving forward with your ideas, plans and goals is "NOT ENOUGH TIME", you need to consciously and realistically re-evaluate your ideas, plans and goals. You have, and possess, all of the resources needed to make things happen for you.  With this much time on your hands, you can find the resources, people, and even money, that you need to create the life you want and drastically improve the life you have.

As stated earlier, if you have a unique schedule, such as nights, weekends or shifts, you have a great and distinct advantage. You are earning your regular income while everyone else is not.  Therefore, while they are at work, you are gaining an advantage because you can work on your goals and purpose during the week.  Spare time during the week adds more resources at your disposal, you can make things happen quicker, you can reach people, visit businesses, purchase materials, etc, since businesses are open during the week.  And while your competition is "busy at work", you can move ahead of them.

And as New Orleanians, we must acknowledge the "extra time" our culture gives us.  Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Friday afternoons, Fest Season, Hurricane Season, and numerous other short work weeks and local "short" days.  Now, I am in no way suggesting that we do not partake in our cultural events, but it does provide us with some extra time that we can use to make improvements.  Just take that extra 30-60 minutes to work on your goals before indulging in the festivities.

Now that you have discovered this gift of time, what heck are you doing sitting around reading this article, GET TO WORK!!!  You have only 1 hour left before quitting time!!!